I was born and raised in the United states of America. Both of my parents were in the Military, so I grew up traveling throughout the nation as well as internationally. My parents both stressed the importance of excelling in the English language, which I adopted, and later applied to creative writing: producing four screenplays, two short stories and a fiction novel. During my six years in Los Angeles, I also pursued an acting Career: playing in short films, Commercials, TV series, Independent films and the Theater. These experiences allowed me to be a child at heart, putting myself in other people's shoes, discovering other aspects of life. Through the Theater, I built upon my character, obtaining more confidence in communication and social constructs. These skills helped in all the jobs I've ever performed, the major job being a Child Counsellor in Massachusetts. The children there lacked social skills, especially in communication. I was like a magician, only instead of pulling a rabbit and other foreign objects out of a box, I was pulling activities and life lessons out of my box to expand their understanding of the possibilities life could bring. My life has come back to me in a full circle. Excelling in English, in America, allowed me to better myself through communication in other aspects of my life. Now I will use those skills here in Switzerland to help the youth progress to a future with more possibilities.